Ticketing service provided by the Centre International de Deauville

General Sales Conditions

In Deauville, 07/22/2020

Article 1 – Pricing

1.1. Prices are shown including VAT but excluding postage and packing. The prices are fixed by the Deauville International Centre and its partners.

1.2. All orders are payable in euros regardless of their origin.

Article 2 - Product Marketing

The products offered are in compliance with the French legislation in force.

Article 3 – Orders

On Internet : https://billetcid.com
The contractual information is presented in French. The CID reserves the right to cancel or refuse an order from a customer with whom there may be a dispute concerning payment of a previous order.

Any order placed on the website is subject to the present sales terms and conditions. These features define the terms of sale and the rights and obligations that derive from these conditions.

We would like to inform you that, insofar as you order on-line, your consent concerning these general terms and conditions may be subject to change but in agreeing you will be deemed to have understood and accepted these terms and conditions, in effect at the time of order.

Article 4 - Confirmation

Once you have clicked on the box to validate your order you accept without reservation all the conditions of sale herein described. The data recorded by the CID (the seller) constitutes proof of all transactions by its customers.
The data recorded by the payment system constitues proof of financial transactions.

Article 5 - Order processing

5.1. Order information

You must verify the completeness and compliance of the information you give us when ordering, especially with regard to the billing address. We may not be held responsible for any imput errors and resulting consequences thereof.

5.2. Anti-fraud controls

In order to ensure the security of transactions and prevent fraud as much as possible concerning distance sales, we carry out random checks on orders that have been made. As part of this monitoring, we may ask you for a copy of a valid identity card or proof of address. The aim is to protect our clients from potential fraud. Failing these documents or if the supporting documents cannot identify the client or prove address, we will be required to cancel the order to guarantee the security of the on-line transactions.

Article 6 – Availability

Prices are valid for as long as they appear on the site and while stock is available. Indications on product availability (or services or bookings) is provided at the time of order.
In the event of unavailability of the order, refunds will be made at the discretion of the CID either by a credit on account or by cheque.

Article 7 – Payment

The payment of your purchases can be made by credit card : Visa, Mastercard etc. The card is debited at the time of order (direct debit)

5.1 Only credit card payment is available online. Payment by credit card allows you to confirm your order.

5.2 Your internet order shall only be confirmed and binding on the CID on receipt of the e-mail confirming validation and on receipt and acceptance of payment. Accordingly, we would ask you to regularly check your e-mails.

Article 8 – Data Security

Our site is the subject of a system of security, namely the SSL encryption process, a secure online payment system, fully supported by our partners PayBox and The Société Générale.
No banking information concerning you is transmitted via our site and we do not store any of your banking information.

Article 9 - Delivery

No physical delivery is possible. Ticket withdrawl will be made according to the terms and conditions of the event, as specified during order placement.

Article 10 : Cancellation, reimbursement, application

10.1 Absence of notice of cancellation

In accordance with article L 121-20-4 of the French Consumer Code, concert tickets are not subject to the right of withdrawl.

10.2 Reimbursement

A concert ticket may not be reimbursed even in the event of theft, and shall neither be taken back or exchanged, except in the event of cancellation and decision by the organiser to refund the tickets. A ticket may not be resold. No duplicate may be issued, including in the case of loss or theft.

During on-site entrance controls, a current valid identity document with photo may be required and must correspond exactly to the name on the ticket, if the ticket is for a specific person.

10.3 Cancellation

At the announcement of the cancellation or change of date, time or place of an event for which you have reserved places, you agree that the CID, as far as possible, and who will already have been informed by the organisers, may use your contact information given when the reservation was made, to best advise you on how to proceed.

However, we would encourage you to check 24 hours beforehand that the event is to be maintained and with no modifications, by telephone on (local call cost) or directly at the ticket office of the Deauville International Centre.

In the event of cancellation of the Deauville American Film Festival by the organisers, all passes and accreditations will be fully refunded.

Article 11 – Copyright

All texts, commentaries, works, illustrations and images reproduced on the billetcid.com website are controlled by copyright and intellectual property for the whole world. As such, and in accordance with the provisions of the code of intellectual property, only private use is authorised, which is however subject to the specific and more restrictive provisions governing intellectual property laws.

Any other use constitues infringement and is punishable under intellectual property in the absence of the prior autorisation by the CID.

Article 12 – Liability

Photographs and texts copied and illustrating the products are not contractually binding. As a result, the CID declines all responsabilityin the event of any unfaithful reproduction of any of these photographs or error in any of these texts.

The CID cannot be held liable for breach of contract in the event of unavailability, force majeure or for any unforseeable political, economic or sanitary events, particularly concerning postal services and transportation and/or communications, flood, fire.

Hyperlinks may send you to third party websites for which the CID declines all responsability in the case these sites would contravene laws and regulations.

Article 13 – Applicable Law – Litigation – Mediation

This contract is subject to French Law.

The language of this contract is French.

In the event of a dispute, the French courts shall be solely competent.

Article 14 – Personal Information

Personal information will be used to process your booking and to reinforce and personalise communication and the services offered to CID clients, notably via newsletters from www.congres-deauville.com to which you may subscribe if you so wish, and as part of the personalisation of the site according to your area of interest. However, when you visit www.congres-deauville.com or billetcid.com from certain websites which are partners of the CID and are identified as such, the data concerning you are likely to be exceptionally communicated to thirds. If you do not agree to this, please notify us via the address below.

As a result, according to the Data Protection Act of January 6 1978, you have the right to access, to rectify and to oppose all data concerning you. To do so, just send us a request by email indicating your name and surname to the following address :

Data protection Manager – SAEM de Gestion du CID – protection-donnees@congres-deauville.com Avenue Lucien Barrière, 14800 Deauville.

You grant the CID, the organisers and their dependants the free circulation of photographs (both in paper and digital formats) videos, filming or recording regarding this event on any kind of support including promotional and/or advertising documents.

The personal files that are processed on this site are declared to the CNIL (National Commission for Data Protection) You have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete any data concerning you (article 34 of the Protection Data Act). If you wish to exercise this right, please contact :

Data protection Manager – SAEM de Gestion du CID – protection-donnees@congres-deauville.com Avenue Lucien Barrière, 14800 Deauville.